How To Use

Spread a 2-3″ (5-7.5cms) layer of Ace of Herts soil conditioner on to your soil. Dig the compost into the soil with a garden fork to ensure a good mix. In dry spells a 3″(5cms) layer placed on top will act as an excellent mulch to keep the top soil moist, it is recommended that you do this when the soil is damp after rain or watering.

You can use Ace of Herts 3 or 4 times a year, this will build up fertility in the soil ensuring healthy plant growth. It also improves soil structure creating a healthy environment for strong root growth, at the same time improving water retention capacity.

By adding humus to soils it will also promote worm populations and activity, thereby aerating the soil as well as adding further nutrients. If you have heavy clay soil Ace of Herts will assist in breaking down the larger clods into a more manageable size. Where sandy soils persist it will combine with the soil to improve structure and water retention, and give that professional deep bed finish.

Ace of Herts, is by nature full of nutrients, and may be too strong for young seedlings, it is therefore recommended that when being used for tubs or as a potting compost it is ‘diluted’ one part compost to one part horticultural sand, perlite or even garden soil. Ace of Herts can be used at any time of the year, whenever you are preparing bed and borders.