Soil Analysis

Ace of Herts reduces the need for supplementary feeding throughout the growing season by providing all the nutrients required for strong healthy growth for flowering plants and vegetables.

Typical values are:

Primary Nutrients

  • Nitrogen as N – 8.52 kg/tonne (8.52kg/tonne N)
  • Phosphorus as P2O5 – 3.7 kg/tonne (1.61kg/tonne as P)
  • Potassium as K2O – 6.88 kg/tonne (5.71kg/tonne K)

Secondary Nutrients

  • Calcium as CaO – 35.72 kg/tonne (25.51kg/tonne Ca)
  • Magnesium as MgO – 3.44 kg/tonne (2.08kg/tonne as Mg)
  • Sulphur as SO3 – 2.84 kg/tonne (1.14kg/tonne as S)

These are total nutrients (mineral acid extractable) expressed as for fertiliser.

Note: The nutrients have a high proportion of slow availability in the soil.