About Us

Established at Cumberlow Green Farm by the directors James and Henry Hodge, Cumberlows built the first ABPR compliant in vessel facility in Hertfordshire.

Cumberlows work with local councils and waste collection companies to compost green, kitchen and catering waste.

In 2008 Cumberlows built phase 1 for the first ABPR complaint in vessel facility in Hertfordshire. This has the capacity to cater for approximately 15,000 tonnes of waste arising from around 50,000 residents from the district of North Hertfordshire.

After the initial success phase 2 was built to cater up to a further 15,000 tonnes from approximately 45,000 residents from the district of East Hertfordshire. The in vessel facility operates with the existing open windrow composting area which can facilitate up to 10,000 tonnes of green waste.

Cumberlows also works in conjunction with D & J Hodge which is a farming partnership. D & J Hodge have farmed Cumberlow Green Farm for three generations. Whilst continuing with the farming enterprise D & J Hodge diversified into recycling green waste via open windrow composting in 1995.

Cumberlows operate a Category 3 ABPR state veterinary approved In Vessel composting alongside an Open window composting site and has planning consent to compost up to 40,000 tonnes of waste per year.

All compost produced is certified to BSI PAS 100 and sold under our product name “Ace of Herts”.

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